Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Tempo run

I met up with Club Oly tonight for our weekly Speed Workout. When I first started running with them I was really intimidated by the thought of a "Speed" workout. I didn't feel like I was good enough to warrant doing something like that.

But I started going and it turned out to not be scary. I actually only got to attend twice before I tripped over Grace, strained my hamstring and then hurt my IT band by favoring my hamstring.

I had to wait until my my knee got better to start attending again which took about a month.

We do different things depending on the week. Tonight was a 4 mile tempo run in humidity that my father would find refreshing and cool, but that the rest of us found stiefling :)

I let me Garmins battery die yesterday and forgot to re-charge it today so I'm only guessing on my pace but Wade said we were shooting for 7:45 per mile. Soooo about that.

I did have a moment around mile 3 that I felt a bit queasy probably due to the brilliant decision to put lemon juice in the water I brought to drink. I was disappointed in my moment of mental weakness because I walked for about 50 feet. I told myself that it was because I felt like I was going to upchuck- but the truth is I probably wasn't going to.

I might have but probably not.

Another joy of running? Bugs. There have been CLOUDS of these little natty looking bugs on the pathway we run on. I can now say with certainty that I get grossed out with the sensation of insects bouncing of my head, face, and neck. What's worse is once you get going and start to sweat they STICK.

Yeah, running is sexy.


Matthew said...

That's quite a good pace. Looks like you're gaining on me =)

Also, bugs on the skin are waaaay better than bugs in the eyes.

Of course, no bugs at all is a decent idea...

Jason Heilpern said...

Ummm Babe, I think you have a bug stuck in your teeth.

Terra said...

It's pretty easy to run with my eyes closed (for short distances) but harder to run while trying not to breath. Cause' it's really bad when you breath one of those nasty buggers in!