Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tucson Marathon

This marathon was a bust.
And the worst thing is that if I had just paid attention it wouldn't have been. The weather was a bit warmer than I could have hoped for but it wasn't the problem I faced in St. George. The problem came from not realising I was sweating as much as I was until it was too late and not replacing the electrolytes that I lost. As you can see from the graph I cramped up at mile 18 and it all went to crap. I ended up walking in the last 6 miles. I called my sister and cried.
I will probably NEVER run this race again. The one of the reasons I didn't replace the electrolytes is that the sports drink they served at the water stations was one of the GROSSEST things I've ever drunk. I passed a lot of people who were cramping, even in the half marathon. I think a lot of people passed on the sports drink and paid for it. The buses also seemed confused as to what was going on- not my bus :) He actually seemed to have attended and listened at the briefing the night before. It has a weird "small" feel to it. Kind of disorganised- almost like it was a new 10K race.
After I FINALLY got to the finish line I was just heart broken and I decided that I wanted to do something completely different than what I've been doing in running.
With this in mind I volunteered to head Couch to 5K program for Club Oly Running, and we start our program in a week!

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Matthew said...

I see this blog has switched to a more historical theme =)

Bonus points for the graph.