Tuesday, November 08, 2011

I'm old now :)

Yesterday was my birthday!

As my brother made sure to text me Ha! You're old now"

When I was younger we would wake the Birthday child up by singing "Happy Birthday" and breakfast in bed (our choice) I always chose Strawberry Crepes. Because they're delicious.

Jason tried to make them but really had no idea how to do it, so I ended up making doing it.

I also had some of my Hot Chocolate that Sandra gave me for my birthday...SO GOOD.

It has marshmallows!

I didn't have anything really planned so I just dinked around until it was time to go to speed. You KNOW I'm going to do my speed work Birthday or not!

I actually really enjoy speed work. Maybe not in the middle of it, but I look forward to is and love the feeling of accomplishment I get after I'm done with a workout. I also really enjoy getting new PR's:)
My own little prizes.

My running friends gave me a mini party after our social run. I got to eat my favorite food Mini Saigon's Spring Rolls. I could eat them every day.
Jason tried ordering me some for take out and only ordered me two. The owner saw me when I came to pick them up and asked "Only two?" He knew I'd need more than that!
He might just recognize me because I'm always in my running clothes.

I got birthday flowers!

(I love them, they're beautiful)

These ladies know me so well I got a gift card for Bonjour Cupcakes (You must try them if you're ever in Olympia, WA)

A gift card for Canvas Works, which is NOT an art store but instead is a YARN store!
and a beautiful amethyst bracelet.

I also got Chicken Soup for the Runners Soul:)

I think the best is that 10 months ago I didn't know any of them and now I know so many great people. Running does that for me. I meet people that I would normally be to shy to talk to, but because I know they like running we have something in common from the start.

It really has been a great birthday because of all the friends I've had around me.


Elisabeth said...

I'm so glad you had such a great birthday even if a little sad your birthday serenaders didn't get a shout out...LOL. Love ya Old Woman!

Heatherrie83 said...

I'm sure we would all agree we are lucky to have met you Terra! Your so awesome! I'm happy you had a good birthday! You deserve it!

Amy N. said...

I'm glad you had a good birthday! Thanks for letting me be a part of it! Hopefully you liked what Jason got you too!