Monday, November 21, 2011

It's like a facial from nature...

It always cracks me up to read my "Easy mile" paces:)

If there is ONE thing the Run Less, Run Faster training program has taught Amy and I, it's how to take it easy.

Mile 1.94: 11:42 pace:) Part of that is down hill:)

Our workout tonight was 4 X 1200 Meters (400 RI)
I love distance recovery- I can dink around as long as it takes to get ready for the next portion of the workout. Of course this strategy works better when it ISN'T 30 degrees (I don't know if that's accurate- but about) with wind pushing stinging bombs of rain into your face.

It's cold enough that you can actually full on "cool down" during the recovery portions. goal was 6:36

You know, I knew I didn't make my goals but now reading them it kind of bugs me. I'm not even CLOSE! For some reason it's really hard to run fast in the dark, wet, cold weather we've been having. I don't know why...


Jerilee E. said...

Goal pace or not, those are still awesome times! I can only dream of running fast :). I am from Oregon, but have been in UT for 4 years. I have become a rain wimp, that's for sure! Good for your guys getting your workout on anyway!

Amy N. said...

I'm amazed we even went, forget the goals! Crazy!