Sunday, November 27, 2011

some days are just Blegh...

I should really remember to check the weather before I get dressed for my runs.

I was all bundled up, stepped outside and just KNEW I was going to get super hot on my run. Of course I didn't go back inside and change, that would be silly.

Instead I got in the car and wished I had my phone so I could call and cancel our run with Amy. But I knew I would regret not doing my scheduled run and I'm not even sure why I was having such a hard time getting the motivation up to go running.

It wasn't super early...only 8:30am

It wasn't super 40 degrees

It wasn't even raining!

My goal pace was 7:45 per mile (7 mile Long Tempo) and my actual pace was 7:33 but it was harsh. If I had been running alone, IF I had even drug myself outside to run, it would have been cut short and I would have walked some of it.

Not because I COULDN'T run be just because I didn't really WANT to run.

What makes a good running partner?
1. similar pace (Amy is faster but we're choosing to ignore that)
2 same training schedule
3. When one is whiny the other has to tell them to "suck it up".

Saturday we took turns on #3.
But we got the run done, we didn't get rained on and we had company too!


Jerilee E. said...

I have blah days every week it seems! I don't really have anyone to push me. I have less rain, though :), so that helps.

Amy N. said...

Once the run was over I was so glad we went! It's always better with a friend!

Terra said...

It's true- once we were done I was glad I had gone:) I even knew that would be true while I was wishing I wasn't running...