Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Stars and me

Monday I "forgot" my headlamp again.

It was so cold, but also incredibly clear with the brightest stars you've ever seen within the city limits.

Amy and I run just short of 2 miles as our warmup but on Monday we didn't actually "Warmup" until we hit the parking lot of the track.

That is COLD.

We did a few drills (Amy is much more focused about that) and then started our workout.

6X400 (1:00RI)

It makes me laugh that every time Amy and I see a workout like this (400 meter repeats) we think "oh, what a nice easy workout! It must be a taper week" and then we do it.

400 meter repeats may be short but man are they hard! We normally like the distance recoveries better than the timed ones (because they're easier) but with the weather so cold anything longer and we start cooling down before we get started running again.

I'm really happy with my work out. I got to enjoy the stars and I remembered to charge my Garmin so that I could check my pace through out my workout and I stayed on pace much better.

Warm was loading I have no idea other than I really enjoy this portion because Amy and I get a chance to talk.
#1 6:01! (my goal pace is 6:22)
#2 6:14
#3 6:23 (I'm still counting it)
#4 6:10
#5 6:31
#6 6:15

Even though I know it's not the point, I still really love getting below my goal paces:) Although looking at my times, wow, I'm all over the place. I need to get better at even/negative splits.

I think pacing is the hardest part of running well. Going out too fast can ruin a run and going out too slow can undermine a goal.

It's like Goldilocks and the Three Bears every run:)


Jessica @ said...

Awesome work out, Terra! Great pace on those 400s! Running at night with the stars overhead would be so fun!!! I'm pretty clumsy running in the dark, but I've thought about going one night in December so I could see all the Christmas lights...

Wish I could be there to do workouts with you and Amy!!!

Terra said...

It would be so much fun to run together:)

The first time we ran in the dark Amy and I were pretty sure we were going to trip over our own feet but so far it's been accident free (knock on wood)