Monday, February 06, 2012

I finally beat AMY!

Yeah, Ok she's sick and keeps almost fainting but I"m going to totally still count it.

and by beat her I just mean she couldn't walk in a straight line after our first 3200 meter repeat and had to admit that running the second would be completely stupid.

But I ran it! and I lapped her TWICE.

Yeah, out of 8 laps I managed to lap her two measly times while she's so sick she almost faints.

She also told me that she knew she was hurting when I managed to keep sort of close to her during the first repeat.

By close it means I was 45 feet behind her the whole time.

I also knew she must have been hurting if I managed to keep 45 feet behind her:)

I brilliantly managed to NOT charge my Garmin so it died before we even started but I figure if Amy averaged 6:34 for the first two miles and Martinho averaged 7:15 for the first two I was probably just under 7 minutes a mile. Which makes me happy.

I am VERY proud of myself for not quitting the workout when Amy had to pull out. I'm even prouder that when my head asked "why are you doing this? Maybe you can quit after the first mile" I kept on running.

It didn't hurt that Martinho ran it all with me:)

On a side note...I remembered to bring my racing flats with me tonight and I'm still in love with them!


Hoovy4 said...

Hey, you've got to count those victories any way you can!

Amylee said...

You are a speedy girl- it's not just Amy that has the speed. Plus, how lucky are you to have a BACK UP partner in Martinho?? Seriously lucky. Great job!

Amy N. said...

Bring it sista!

Terra said...

Martinho said we did the second repeat at 6:54 and 6:58!

I know I'm very lucky to have so many people to run with me:)