Monday, February 27, 2012

Week 3 Begins!

Amy and I have both signed up for the Newport Marathon on June 2nd and so we have started our Marathon Training plan...

Week 1 went fine until our scheduled Long Run...13 what turned into some of the most brutal weather I've run in...EVER. Rainy, WINDY, and oh, SO COLD!
I just remember thinking "I can't do this anymore"...unfortunately we still had a mile and half back to the car. I stopped and walked but told Amy she could go on ahead. She said later she had to because she was sure she was getting Hypothermia. She did think of picking me up with her car, but her fingers weren't working and I was really only behind her by about 200 yards.

On the upside it's unlikely we will have to run in weather like that ever again during our training.

Week 2 was GREAT!
I did reasonable well during my speed training, totally ROCKED my Tempo run (which I mistakenly did much faster than my target pace. but it's nice to know I could do it that fast)
Our long run was 15 miles...amazing miles! Minimal bathroom stops. (just 1 and we didn't really need to, we were just worried we WOULD need to and there wouldn't be a bathroom around)
15 miles with an average pace of 7:55 per mile!

Week 3
Speed tonight was Declining Intervals, which I actually kind of like.

1200 Meters at a 6:45 pace
1000 Meters at a 6:40 pace
800 Meters at a 6:36 pace
600 Meters at a 6:34 pace
400 Meters at a 6:30 pace

I'd love to be able to tell you what I actually ran the Intervals at tonight but my Garmin died before we started...But I wasn't TO far behind Amy and she had an awesome workout tonight so I'm going to say I did great too!

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Amy N. said...

We have done great the last few workouts! It's awesome!