Monday, March 05, 2012

Thank goodness!

Thank goodness that I left my Garmin at Amy's on Saturday and she made sure it was charged tonight:)

Thank goodness the rain stopped.

Thank goodness the SUN CAME OUT!

Thank goodness Track season has started...which means there was a Porta Pottie at the track tonight.

Thank goodness for friends who will come out and run with me even after they raced that weekend and got a PR! (Yay, for Heather!)

Thank goodness for my running buddy who loves to run just as much as I do:)
(although maybe not the same distances ;) )

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Amy N. said...

I almost used that exact same picture on my latest blog post. (Obviously I didn't.)

You didn't mention how I also loaded the workout on your garmin too. Vaughn said "After all this she's going to start leaving her garmin at our house after every run!"

It was so fun that it didn't start to get dark until we were almost done too! It was so much easier to stay positive!