Tuesday, June 05, 2012

First run back!

On Monday's Amy and I do a speed workout at a local highschool track.

Don't worry, we didn't try to do a speed workout two days after our marathon:)

We did meet up with our friend Heather (Yay!  We've missed running with you!) and did an easy run down to the track, did our "awesome" drills and did an easy mile around the track.

I also got the chance to show how awkward I can throw a football!

Some highschool kids were finishin up their football pratice and the ball rolled onto the track right in front of us.  It seems silly to make them run all the way over, so I picked up the ball and imediately had visions of what I would look like if I attempted to throw the ball back properly...

Amy helped by yelling to the kid to get ready for the most awkward throw he's ever seen:)

I decided to "old lady" throw it.  I just knew that if I tried to spiral throw the ball it would look great...for about half the distance I needed it to go.

After we ran the last lap where Amy ran "only a 6:59"  (Heather and I just know she wanted to make sure the athletes knew she was actually fast:)  That competative streak is probably why she ran her whole marathon and I was a weeny.)

We ran back to Amy's all the while re-telling all the little tiny things about the marathon that we've already bored everyone else with.

I think my plan is to run with new people every run for the next two weeks so I can keep retelling my stories:)

All in all, I'm really pleased about my recovery.  I'm kind of happy that my muscles are sore, because it shows I worked hard.  I can always look back and think of way I "could have" improved my performance but knowing I did a good job really helps.


Heatherrie83 said...

Good to run with you girls! Can't wait to get back into training for something with you girls again. Amy's competitive nature really makes me motivated to do well and Terra you have been a running inspiration of mine since day 1! You can be running a 10 mile pace or a 7 mile pace and still be graceful and inspiring to runners of all speeds!

Amy N. said...

Aw, Heather, you're so sweet.

It was a fun run and I felt remarkably good considering.

And I averaged a 6:15 pace that lap, which sounds great until you realize that I can usually do that at a 5:10 or so....