Tuesday, September 17, 2013

6 Marathons later!

Back in April of 2010 I decided (during my post marathon induced stupor) that I should go for gold and try to get my Boston Marathon Qualifying time.

Be jealous of my style. I rock those frumpy shorts!

I had tripped over my dog Grace two week earlier and injured by IT Band. That brace didn't help even a little.

I had just finished my marathon in 4:36:55.

I needed a 3:40:59

I only needed to drop almost an hour off my finish time.

Easy Peasy.

My nativity was adorable and makes me laugh.

BUT even though I kind of knew how big of a goal that was I felt even back then that I could do it. Chalk it up to a healthy self esteem and very little knowledge on how hard it is to increase your pace to knock almost AN HOUR off your time, but I believed!

I signed up for the St. George Marathon for that October. (Because clearly I could be ready for a 3:40 finish in 6 months.)

It was really hot...but I got my first sub 4:00 marathon with a finish time of 3:58:07.

I decided that doing another marathon two months later was going to be the ticket.  Tucson, AZ baby! Down hill!...4:20:54.  It wasn't pretty and kind of made me hate running for about 24 hours.

That rainy season I met Running Buddy Amy and we started training together.  We both really liked the idea of a down hill race so we signed up for the St. George Marathon.  It was hot.  Again. 3:53:15!

We decided that destination marathons might not be for us.

Amy found the Newport Marathon and we began our marathon training....again.

Amy squeaked in with a 3:35:09 (by this time the standards had changed and we needed a 3:35 marathon)  I was...not so close:)  3:44:05

I should just point out right here, that one of my greatest and most well known traits/talents is to (figuratively) bang my head against the hardest wall I can find until it finally gives up.  I'm a middle child and a Scorpio.  I do not change my mind.

We went back to Newport this year and I got even closer to my 3 year old goal. 3:43:26

My only answer was to find another marathon and do it!  I just KNEW I could do it this year.

Tunnel Lite Marathon....3:37:46!

6 marathons later...

I made my goal!


wadethefred said...

You did it!!!!

wadethefred said...
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Amy @ Run Mom Run said...

You rock. Seriously.