Saturday, September 27, 2014

Keep Moving Foward

In my efforts to wallow in self despair on how different my life is from what I THOUGHT it would be at this point in my life...I decided to focus on how different I want my life will be in the future.

To do that I have been researching making life goals so that I can find what is important to me and focus my energy moving towards those goals.

I found a site that asked the following questions:

1. How to I want to spend my time?

2. What daily activities make me want to leap out of bed?

3. What do I want to learn?

4. Who do I want to hang out with, talk with, collaborate with?

I haven't really answered these questions to my satisfaction BUT I have been able to start on my list of 100 goals that I think is getting me closer to the answers to the questions above.

100 Goals (In progress)

1. Donate Blood Monthly
2. Become a registered bone marrow donor
3. Volunteer 52 hours yearly
          a. South Sound Reading Foundation
              (360) 412-4499
4. Read 1 book a month
          a. Ant Egg Soup
          b. Closer to the Ground
          c. The soul of all living Creatures
          d. Chaser – Unlocking the Genius of the Dog
          e. Eating on the Wild Side
5. Limit screen time to ….hour(s) a day
6. Complete 1 project from project list per month
7. Send birthday cards (on time) to friends and family
8. Complete 6 monthly photo challenges
9. Complete 6 monthly drawings challenges
10. Update business wardrobe
11. Update casual wardrobe
12. Live Debt Free
13. Find 52 geocaches per year - 31
14. Hide 5 geocaches per year
15. Hike 2 summits a year
16. Own at property (approx. .50 + acres)
17. Build a Tiny House
           a. Select blue prints
           b. Price construction
           c. Save
18. Travel to Bangkok
           a. Price tickets
19. Run the Bangkok Marathon
           a. Date?
20. Learn 1 new recipe per month
           a. Attend cooking meetup
21. Learn 1 new skill per month
           a. How to milk a cow/goat
           b. How to make cheese
           c. How to make Sauerkraut
           d. Knit socks
           e. Dutch braid own hair
22. Adopt a family
23. Participate in a “real” Triathlon
           a. Black Hills Triathalon?
24. Run a 3:25 marathon
           a. Lite at the End of the Tunnel
25. Run a 1:30 ½ marathon
26. Run a sub 20 min 5k
27. Travel to a different country each year
          a. Renew passport
28. Test Intermediate in Sign Language
29. Test Intermediate in Spanish
30. Save projected amount for retirement
31. Update dental work
32. Get a Perm. Position
33. Go Canyon Jumping


Amy @ Run Mom Run said...

Can I come clothes shopping with you?

Shellie Kingaby said...

Yay tiny house! Have you watched the documentary on PBS?

Terra said...

I did! One of the ladies featured actually lives in Olympia.

Amy, do I really need that much help?! Actually I found a wardrobe plan on Pinterest, so i'm just buying what they list:)
They even have a model to show me how to combine the items.