Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Food is my Friend

I run because I love the feeling of strength and freedom running gives me. Nothing can beat the feeling during after one of those perfect runs that make you feel like you can go forever!

I also run, because I really love eating. 

I eat when I’m happy, when I’m angry, I eat when I’m sad, when I’m tired, I ate when I’m running, when I’m bored and when I’m having a great time with friends.

I run a lot.


There is always a “but” isn’t there?

It’s just not true that you can out run a bad diet. Which makes me sad. 

I should go eat something…

I’ve been helping a friend remember to update her food journal each day. She’s working hard to exercise, eat healthfully and live life to its fullest. 

This week I decided I should walk the walk.

I’ve been talking about lowering my body fat percentage for a while now. Last year I even got a nutrition plan from High 5 Nutrition in order to increase the nutritional density of the food I eat, meet my Iron needs as a female runner (running while anemic is possibly the worst feeling EVER) and properly fuel my training goals.

Writing down how horribly I eat sucks.

It also makes me sad to have to watch how many delicious grams of carbohydrates go into my mouth in a day and know that if I’m eating better I wouldn’t eat so many. But I still want too.

My goal is to eat natural foods and to stay within the range of 150-160 grams of carbs a day.

Yesterday I ate 325 grams. Today I ate a lot more than that…because I wanted to. And because I ate cookies for breakfast so I kind of submarined myself before it was even 9am. 

Why do are all the tasty foods so bad for me?

Don’t get me wrong, I really like fruits and vegetables too. I make a mean salad full of delicious flavors. I just don’t want to eat salads every day.

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