Saturday, August 01, 2015

I run because I really, really like eating

You know what makes me happy?
Well, yes. Running makes me happy.

But what ALSO makes me happy is eating. I love eating. In particular I love eating candy…specifically chocolate.

If I haven’t had some chocolate in the last 24 hours and I eat a piece, I can literally feel the dopamine flood my system.
And then I want more…


This is the closest I can get to what I imagine being addicted to cigarettes or crack is like.
I don’t seem to be able to maintain moderation when it comes to chocolate. I just want to always taste it in my mouth.
After my stress fracture it has come to my attention that sitting around not exercising (I dare you to find a program that isn’t weight bearing on your feet. Not counting swimming) and still eating like I was has resulted in my being the heaviest I’ve ever been.
I’m not going to say that I’m fat…but I definitely HAVE fat that I didn’t before. Also less muscle.
This means I need to curtail my “free range” eating habits. (See how I worked that ridiculous term in? Pretty good, huh?)
It has also shown me what a horrible relationship I have with food. Keeping a food diary makes me really resent almost everything I eat. There are just some foods (I’m looking at YOU Saltine Crackers) that should have no calories because they are nothing food.

Protein= .55 - .8 grams per pound of body weight (138.52*.55=75.9 grams at least)
Carbohydrates = 150 grams (based on 5/6 hours of training a week –source Racing Weight)
Iron = I NEED a level of 38 to be able to donate blood. The last check said I was at 40.
Calcium = 1,000mg
Vitamin D =400-800 IU
But do you know what I WANT to eat? Candy.
Oh, and fruit…nature’s candy. Seriously though, I can eat pounds of the stuff with no ill effects.

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Amy @ Run Mom Run said...

Well, since the two of us have the same relationship with food I should probably also do something about my diet. Especially since I can't seem to manage a real running workout AT ALL. I can't believe what mental blockers I have up. It's not as easy to overcome mental barriers as I always thought it would be!