Thursday, April 21, 2016

Book selection for April - Total Money Make Over

I had heard a little bit about Dave Ramsey online and odd places. My sister had a friend who had implemented his financial program and I had watched the SNL skit titled “Don’t Buy Stuff You Cannot Afford” and thought it was funny…and obvious, but obviously it’s not applied in life as often as it should be.

I don’t really struggle with debt, but I have wanted to maximize my savings, and my retirement and apply some of the minimalist ideals to my finances so that I have a giant pile of money in the bankJ and know that I’ll be able to take care of myself. I also like to do nice things for people and money certainly helps make that easier.

And everyone who knows me, knows I love pilesJ

The chapters are a little bit on the long side, but that’s due to the testimonials and personal stories he has included and the worksheets for completing the program.

Just like his radio show, his writing style is very straight forward and he purposefully keeps his messages simple and the level of the writing at about a freshman in high schools level. I know he does this on purpose to ensure that everyone will understand what he’s talking about. It also makes the book easy to read, understand and remember.

I can’t pin point anything particular but his book really does speak to emotions and definitely gets the reader motivated and excited to get rid of debt, live a strong, healthy life. I like how he advocates a well-rounded life that includes church and charity as well as just piling money.

Some of his techniques discount the “math” of paying things with the highest interest rate, rather than getting the small debts out of the way. He incorporates the need for some instant gratification and the feeling of making progress. You might save a few dollars, but get discouraged and give up. Instead get to draw that line through the debts and feel like you’re moving! I like how he blends the psychological aspects of changing your spending and life with the mathematics.

He recognizes how it’s not all about money. You have to change the way you view buying, paying and the social pressure of spending and making money as well as the emotional response all of that has on a person.

I really enjoyed the book and am looking forward to setting things in place to build the life I want.  

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