Thursday, July 28, 2016

Training when you’re not training for anything…

The truth is, I’m a lazy runner.

If I don’t have a goal to train for, my motivation to be uncomfortable plummets. And let’s be honest. Running is uncomfortable 9 times out of 10.

BUT…I also hate rebuilding work I’ve already done, so I’m careful to keep my training schedule even when I’m not training for anything.

My resolve was tested on Monday. It was hot outside, I was tired and I wasn’t meeting anyone…I could just go home if I wanted too. I didn’t even have the benefit of telling myself that if I DIDN’T go out and run I would bomb my race.

I mean, ONE missed workout won’t ruin my fitness…right?

But I know that one will turn into another, and it will get easier and easier to skip my workouts, and then “suddenly” I’ll have to start saying “I can’t do that. I’m not fit enough” and I really hate saying that!

Monday was Mile Repeats. There is only one other workout I like less, and coupled with the heat and lack of company I seriously considered going home and having a staring contest with Grace.

But I didn’t. I got out of the car and went right into my warm up (‘cause it wasn’t warm enough already) so I couldn’t change my mind.


I run back and forth on Deschutes to avoid the pedestrian traffic and because 1000 meters of it is in the shade. It’s the little things that make the differenceJ

3 X 1600 with 400 recovery

My goal pace is 6:30 per mile. I have never run that pace. Usually my mile repeats are around 6:45/50 but due to the heat I knew it would be slower. I just needed to make sure that my perceived intensity was the equivalent of that pace.

It was really hot. Did I mention that?

When it’s hot out and I have a workout I soak my shirt with water before I start running. On Monday I did the same and my shirt was half way dry after the first mile.  


I have a rule to not quit a workout until after the recovery period. Things always seem a bit more manageable after 400 meters, but talking myself into running the next miles was tough…but I did it! I can do anything once…even if it’s a couple of times.

Full workout completed! The times weren’t great but I’ll take ‘em

7:03, 7:04, 7:00

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