Thursday, September 22, 2016

Octopus dresser for Michaela!

This summer Chrissy started using an app called “OfferUp” to buy and sell awesome stuff for Michaela. She’s found baby gates, a baby corral (it worked amazingly for Grace too!) and even a slide!

She also found a hideous red painted solid wood dresser for $20.

I told her we MUST have it.

I really enjoy turning something old into something new and awesome, so I promised to refinish it for her.

I had hoped to not have to sand the dresser down before I started due to the fact that I was painting the body black, but it quickly became clear that I would.

Sanding is so tedious.

But honestly it was worth it. It looks so much nicer with little imperfections sanded out. The previous owner was a little boy who enjoyed stabbing the dresser with screw drivers and writing on the drawers.

After selecting the design we wanted, and sanding the drawers I got to painting!

I’m not a huge fan of the “Ambre” paint trend, but I think it’s perfect for this project. It helps the drawers look like the different depths of the ocean.

Chrissy LOVES Octopuses so we decided on showing the tentacles coming up from the depths.

The original dresser had some ugly wooden drawer knobs but I thought glass globes would look amazing and look like bubbles of air floating up to the surface.

I free hand sketched the tentacles so that I would have a guideline for what we wanted the tentacles to look like.

We had a bit of trouble finding the right ones at the right price but came to the rescue.
It goes without saying that Michaela LOVES it J
(She actually doesn’t care at all. She’s busy taking over the world.)

It doesn’t matter though. Chrissy loves it, and I love it. I like just looking at itJ I’m only sad that I can’t do things like this for all my nieces and nephews. We all live too far away from each other. The shipping would be murder.


Bonnie said...

More evidence of your awesomeness ♡! It is fabulous!

Jennifer Haskell said...

So awesome! Great job.

Terra said...

Thanks everyone!