Thursday, October 06, 2016

Pink Fluffy Unicorn!

About four years ago I made my friend Mike an awesome Animalmotorcycle helmet cover. He loves it and wears it all the time. He’s had people slow down (or speed up) to drive next to him in order to take his photo while he’s out riding. He loves the attention J  
You know you've "made it" when you become a meme

And it’s cool for me that so many people enjoy one of my projects.

THIS year he asked me if I would make a cover for his daughter. She’s had a pretty rough year, and she’s a sweetheart so of course I said I would!

She requested a “pink sparkly fluffy unicorn, with a rainbow mane”.

My first mock up, wasn’t fluffy enough.

You’d think it would be easy to find pink sparkly yarn, but let me tell you…it’s not. I went to three stores and looked online and still couldn’t find what I needed. I ended up ordering think Christmas tinsel and manually adding it during the last step.

I like to drape the helmet to create the lining and slipcover. That way I can make sure that it fits in all the right ways and places. My projects seem to go better when I can be more organic in their construction.

I knew there would be an issue with hiding the seams that encircled the visor. With Animal his facial features hid the seams but I knew I wouldn’t be able to use anything like that this time.

I decided that should sew the horn on first, so that I would know where to sew the mane…but then I realized that the horn is super bulky and awkward and it would make sewing the “fluffiness” even more difficult that it is normally.
It's a unicorn!

Seriously, my poor sewing machine. What did it do to deserve this abuse?
Why hello seam ripper…we will always meet again.
I decided to pre-cut my rainbow colors to ensure that they were all the same length. I thought I would use my Niddy Noddy for this step, but even the smallest setting was too long. I ended up wrapping a plastic bottle Pom Pom styleJ

It's nerve wracking to cut out something you can't put back...
Then I sewed the horn back on…before I remembered that the reason I took it off in the first place still applied. It would have to be the last step.
Ah…the seam ripper!
Then the real fun began!
Laying out sections of yarn and carefully mixing the tinsel so that it wouldn’t be clumpy, and sewing it on batch by batch.
It took forever and my poor little sewing machine isn’t designed for such bulky work. It was really unhappy with me and jammed a lot.

But I plugged on.

And finally…I got to sew the horn on!

 Mike loved the helmet. I talked him into riding home with it on even though it was made for his 10 year old daughterJ
I think it looks awesomeJ
She does too!

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Bonnie said...

You continue to amaze! What a fabulous creation! Your heart and skills inspire awe in me. Giant hugs!!!!