Monday, January 23, 2017

Bucket List check off! Bungee Jumping!

I did it!

I Bungee jumped!

I've been feeling a bit rough and stuck in rut lately AND in honor of the New Year I recently looked over my Bucket List, so I decided to start checking some off some of those goals. I'll be honest I only added bungee jumping to the list because, well...everyone puts bungee jumping on their bucket list.

I'm not crazy about heights and I don't like "bouncing".

I also wasn't POSITIVE that I wouldn't pee my pants. I mean, I didn't wet my pants when I sky dived...and I didn't wet my pants when Melissa and I did that drop jump at Carowinds, and I didn't wet my pants when I jumped off that bridge when we went white water rafting...but maybe THIS would be the event that broke my bladder control!

I found a place nearish Portland and talked Chrissy into going with me

Originally I also wanted to go into Portland and eat at a place that serves bugs, but we didn't have time to do that AND make it to Soup Swap. Chrissy cried. (She didn't cry.)

We weren't sure if we were going to make it because the Portland area has been getting a crazy amount of snow and the bridge I was jumping off was in small town called Amboy. The roads were a bit icy and slick. Thankfully Chrissy drove, because I hate driving and I hate it even more on slippery roads.

I was kind of hoping that no one else would show, so I could jump and then hightail it out of there and back to Olympia. That didn't happen. There was probably 10 others that jumped during the same time slot.
I was jumper number 4 but upgraded to jumper number 3 when one guy took one look over the bridge and said "NOPE".

I have to admit, when I saw the first guy jump the whole idea seemed to get about 50 times worse.

Michaela loved it. (When she wasn't mad about her hands getting cold.) She kept looking over the bridge and every time someone jumped she said "more!"

When it was my turn, I climbed over the railing onto the jumping platform and one of the guys working hooked his arms under my shoulders and immediately started count to three. I think I startled him when I yelled "Not yet! Not yet!"..."Ok, I'm good, I'm good!"

Then I jumped out and screamed the entire way down...and flailed my arms and kicked my feet like I could run my way out of it.

It was terrifying the entire way down:)

Then I bounced three or four more times and screamed with each bounce...And I flipped over about 3 times because I over rotated with all the flailing.

Once the reeled me back up, they asked if I wanted to go again and I said "Nope, I'm good!"

I would do it again:)

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