Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Olympia Valentine's Day 5k 2017 Recap

I got to run in a new (well, new to me anyway) race this past week end!

The Olympia Valentine's Day 5k at Priest Point Park - supporting the Thurston County Food Bank

I'd never run that one, and I've been looking for new races to try out this year.

They also offered a free entry to use as a give away for one of my runners in Tailwind Running which was super nice of them.

Left to Right: Me, Kathy, Dennis, Yoshi
I wanted to run it and I was sure I could AND make it across town in time to lead my Couch to 5k Program at 10:30am AND meet Karen for a run afterwards. The main thing I was worried about was how miserably wet and cold I would be if it rained. 

Right to left: Me, Kathy, Dennis, Yoshi, Robin and Robins dog

I packed a change of shirt, just in case. You can improve a lot of runs by being able to put on something dry afterwards.

It was BEAUTIFUL weather!

It was sunny for the first time in what felt like forever. It was a bit chilly, but I didn't mind. I knew it would be perfect once I got running.

Yoshi, Kathy and I carpooled and met Dennis at the race. Dennis had been the lucky winner of the giveaway.


I like the course. It's starts with a false flat uphill for the first mile, but then levels off. There aren't many turns to keep track of, so you can really relax into your pace. The final quarter mile of the race is fast and slightly downhill, which definitely helps you feel good as you finish:) They have nice volunteers who cheer for you and use plenty of cow bell! I always try and thank the people who get up early and stand in the cold/rain/wind and even the sunshine:)

You don't actually run through the park, it just looks like it.
There is only one spot about 50ft long of "trail".
The course runs through a country neighborhood so there is plenty of nice things to look at while you run. This definitely make a difference in my racing experience. 

I didn't eat breakfast before I left, so I grabbed a Mama Chia packet on my way out the door. I had the thought that the last time I ate one, I had stomach trouble but I ate it anyway. I also ate a handful of chocolate Chips.

I don't recommend this.

At mile 2 I coughed and started gaging. Nothing came up so I kept running. Plus, there was a 9 year old I was trying to stay in front of:)

I'd feel bad, but there are a lot of really good young runners in Olympia. Fast little buggers.
He ran really well!

I finished 3rd Women...but behind the little boy. But since he was a "he" he didn't mess up my gender placement. :) My friend Robin got 1st!

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