Friday, March 03, 2017

February Book Review - Ready to Run

For February I dusted off my copy of "Ready to Run: Unlocking your Potential to Run Naturally" (Dr. Kelly Starrett with T.J. Murphy).

I've had it on my book shelf for a couple of years now, but hadn't made the time to actually read it.

Now that I have, I wish I had made the time a lot sooner.

I really enjoyed it!

It's an easy read, in that the pace moves quickly and the writing style is not overly technical.

While I don't really go for the minimalistic running movement and this author does, I think he has a lot of great advice on not running through injuries and offers a bunch of solutions for self massage.

He really focuses on preventative care in the form of self massage and stretches.

This is definitely a great book to use when you're trying to maintain symmetry and balance in  your muscles.

He also covers subjects like posture, hip flexibility and extension, ankle range of motion, hydration, compression and mobility exercises.

The Couch Stretch:
This is great for your quads and hips.
The author covers things like checking your pronation and supination through some easy tests.

You're looking at whether or not your ankle falls inward when it's weight bearing.

He does go over a Floss Band Compression technique that I'm not really sold on. It just seems weird and I don't understand the theory behind it other than trying to increase blood flow by constricting it for a few minutes.

He really stresses listening to your body and taking the time to recover from hot spots, aches and naggy injuries.

He has a back ground in Cross Fit, which could have influenced his attitude into a more macho "push through the hurt" mentality and I really like that it didn't. His aim is clearly for the runner to be able to continue running injury free for their life, rather than short term gains.

In the book he offers a 28 day sample Mobility Overhaul plan which looks manageable both in effort and time commitment. Which is important, because I'm lazy and if it's not running I have a hard time following through.:)

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