Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rain, rain, go away!

It's hard to want to go running when it's cold and rainy outside. Even Grace is kind of like "what?" when we run in the rain.

It's pretty lucky that I have a group of local runners who are super nice that I run with a couple of time a week.

Shout out: Club Oly!

They run Tues, Wed, Thurs,

They have a couple of trainers and TONS of experience in running marathons that I get access to as well. One of the ladies who run ran Boston this past year! And another guy has participated in a Relay Race before so I picked his brains on how to prepare for that event (July 23-24)

The people in the group are super nice and even though most of them are faster than I am, I have never felt like I was slowing the group down or somehow less of a runner than them...which is cool.
Last night we did 5 miles but the regular loop in reverse so we got to run up this kind of baby hill that everyone else said was huge- but it ment I got some "Hill" work in and for that I was happy.
Not as happy as I was to finally see the sun though! Yay! running in the sunshine is such an awesome feeling...when it's not super hot:)
I did have to hit the bathroom when I got there and take off my running tights before we started though. Grace kidn of wigged when I left her with the group for my quick change, which made me feel kind of good- she isn't in the least bit subtle that she preferes Jason over me, so it was nice to feel a bit wanted:)
P.S I forgot my Garmin, and have no idea what pace I ran, but guess about a 9 minute pace, maybe a bit faster.

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