Friday, May 28, 2010

cross training

Today was my "off" day for running.

Thank goodness. I was SO not in the mood to run in the rain, and rain it did.

I did talk Jason into going ice skating with me tonight, which was fun, and could be considered "cross training" if I had broken a sweat at any point...which I didn't.

Due to a birthday party the rink was packed with pre-adolescent girls lurching around with just enough mobility to keep my from practicing my very limited skill set.

I did see one of my class mates at the rink- a 11ish year old girl who completely trounces me on a weekly basis. She has taught herself to do little jumps and stuff. I feel if she can do it I should be able to do it too- far not so much.

I fell today trying to lear how to do the Mohawk, which is one of the Gamma 1 class skills that our instructor showed us Thursday. It LOOKS like it should be simple and really easy, but I completely ate ice and Jason laughed at me while struggling to get his iphone out in time to take a photo of me lying on the ice covered in ice shavings.

He failed.

I think I bruised my elbow pretty good. There were several skaters there practising their jumps that made me very envious.
Envious of the controlled motion, the way they LOOKED like figure skaters....they way they didn't fall on their butts while trying something that is BASIC!
I think I'm destined to feel like a clumpy troll in everything I do.

Exhibit A:

I stand there looking all short and clumpy and Megan looks like what a runner looks like (or at least what I think a runner should look like).
Long legs, aerodynamic...pretty much the opposite of me.
On the upside I can keep running longer than she can.

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Matthew said...

Well, you can look forward to some effective warcraftage =)