Sunday, May 30, 2010

Running with company makes everything easier

On Saturdays I regularly run with a guy named Wade whom I met my joining his running group. It was convienent because the trail is the Western Chahalis trail located across the street from my apt. The time was geat too 10am- not to early /not to late.

It's been a pretty small group that meets on Saturday. Sometimes it's just Wade and me, but this week one of our friends from Club Oly turned up to do the run with us.

It was a 7 mile run with a pace of 8:30 minute miles. I was pretty happy with this plan since I'm trying to pick up my pace while maintaining it for longer distances.

Half way out my tummy decided it didn't appreciate what I was doing and wanted to be sure I knew it.

There I was running on a trail with two guys I only know from running desperately wishing a bathroom would appear.
No such luck. There is only one bathroom on this trail (that I have found) and it was at the finish line.
There was one point while I was running that I was seriously running through options...stop and walk... find a bush...or ignore my tummy and make it to the bathrooms. Or worse case distrcution.

I didn't want to tell them I had to walk becuase they probably would have worried that something was wrong and I didn't want to explain it to two guys that weren't closely related (even then it would be close)
I also didn't want to feel wussy and walk.
Stupid I know.
So I kept running and hopping I would hurry up and get to the finish line.

Good news I did. :)

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