Wednesday, June 02, 2010

It is WINDSday!

It certainly is a blustery day out here!
First it was cold and then it was muggy and then it was cold again. It makes it very hard to know how to dress to go running.

Jason has been really tired lately so he didn't come to the group run with me. Which was disapointing because I enjoy running with him.
He said he doesn't really get the same thing out of running with the group as I do because he is running so far behind the main group- it doesn't feel like "together time" when we aren't actually together.


I really enjoy running with this group though and I know my running has improved dramatically since I started.

I used to feel that my default speed was 10 minutes a mile...that's just what speed my short little legs went. Sure I could go a bit faster if I had to, but I really felt that this was the speed I was destined to run at.

Turns out...not so much.
I can actually run really comfortably at 8:15ish.
Yeah, it suprised me too!
Last night I did a Tempo Run for 3 miles no slower than 7:45 minutes a mile.
It was kind of awesome.
Today was a much easier day, and my pace was kind of slow- the group seemed to feel like chatting more than usuall, which is always fun.
(I'm still working on a more viewer friendly way to get the Garmin info on the web)

I'm really looking forward to The Bear at the begining of July and then The Ragnar Relay at the end of July.
Jason said he would be part of the support staff for Ragnar, which is good because otherwise we would have to pay an extrea $20 each for the race staff to support us.

The photo is from the very first race that Dad and I ran together. It was teh Run for Peace 10K and it started snowing as we stood at the starting line.
I walked part of it.


Matthew said...

There is quite a bit of evidence that athletic performance can be improved by 10-15% by listening to upbeat music in a genre you like. Maybe that would help synchronize the pace to be more like what the main pack is doing...

Terra said...

I have heard of that research and it was the main reason I wanted a play list for the SLC marathon.
It has been advised that as I train in speed work and tempo, I run without music so I can become more aware and familar with my bio rythms and what it "feels" like running at different paces.