Saturday, June 05, 2010

It felt good

Thursday I was feeling kind of low energy but got Grace and I put together and in teh car to join the South Sound Running group.
We even got there on time- crazy I know.

Well I got there and hovered outside the store for a bit (since I had Grace with me) but didn't see anyone inside that looked like they were going running. I put grace in the car and went in to ask if the group was running that day. While I was waiting, another lady came in who was wearing running gear and we asked eachother if we were there to run.

It turned out that the lady who runs the group on Thursdays teaches, and once a month attends a meeting on Thursday...guess which Thrusday it was that day?


I know the route, so the lady and I went running by ourselves. It was good that she turned up though because as I waited to see if anyone was there, I realised that even though I SHOULD go running by myself...I didn't really WANT to.

Plus, my shins hurt. I seem to be nursing minor shin splints...yeah, I know Matt- I did. I actually iced my shins. And it turns out it didn't kill me and seems to have even helped!

Unheard of, I know.
Here is the screen shot of my Thursday run. We ran a bit slower than normal because my partner was just getting back into running. Sometimes it's fun to just run and talk.


Melissa said...

Did you really just say that you had fun talking to a complete stranger? I am in shock and so proud of you all at the same time. :)

Matthew said...

It hurts a lot less if you stand up in the trashcans.