Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Baby steps...

It started out as a beautiful day on...sunshine, warmth all the things I dream about here in the land of Curt Cobain.

Of course by the time I met up for my running group, it was cool, overcast and threatening rain.


So in the spirit of the completely confusing population in Washington, I went running anyway.
It's something I've learned slowly over the past few's always raining, and if you wait for it to stop you better not be holding your breath.
Just get out and get wet.

Tuesday was fun though. We had a good sized group meet up at South Sound Running and there was some talk of doing a Tempo Run but it was ultimately decided that we would do a 5.5 mile "easy" run.
It was a route that was new to me but it was a nice change, and took us through a different part of Olympia.
What was supposed to be an "easy" run turned into a run that varied in pace. Our average was 8:20 a mile but it seemed like we did a good portion in the 7:50 range.
I liked it. It's always fun to realize you're capable of more than you thought, and I've been wanting to improve my time due to the whole "qualify for Boston" thing.

I do have to give a half apology to my sister in law Mary Ann. I laughed at her last year when she told me she thought moles got as big as ground hogs. While I was running we passed a "dead thing" which I obligingly screeched to the runners behind me. (I know! There were actually runners behind me!) It was a mole that was about 5-6 inches long and quite portly. While it wasn't the size of a ground hog, it was much larger than I assured her they got.

So...Sorry for laughing at you Mary Ann. It turns out that the mole you caught really might have been a baby.

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Mary Ann said...

Wow! The one you was bigger than what turned up in the basement. Maybe it was just well fed?