Thursday, June 10, 2010

I'm really rather please with myself

I figure I've been running an averaging about 25 miles a week. Which isn't bad. It's not great, but not bad. I should be increasing that in the next week or so as I start my marathon training for St. George officially.

I'm so excited!
Club Oly is having a meeting on the 16th to discuss training plans with the club coach, and I am going to be there! I have found two training plans that claim to be geared towards a 3:30ish finish time which is what I want. I need to complete the St. George marathon no later than 3:40:59 to qualify for the Boston Marathon, which breaks down to an 8:26 minute mile (According to this pace calculator)

I really think I can do that. If I train a bit more in speed work, and actually monitor my pace on training runs, it actually seems pretty reasonable.

Maybe that's just the genetically induced insanity talking though :)

Tonight I tried to join the South Sound Running group on their weekly run.
I say "tried" because I got there early, but it was kind of chilly so I sat in the car for a few minutes and when I got out I saw two ladies head out of the store and start running.
I thought "crap! I missed them!" So I tried to catch up- which I did, and then realized that I had been running after complete strangers...woops! So I did what anyone else would do and passed them.
It's harder to feel embarrassed when they are behind you :)
I kept running the course and even worked in a decent hill (shout out to Matthew!) and when I got to the top of the hill those same two ladies were in FRONT of me!
So I passed them again.
I mean, I have some pride, people!
(It turned out that they had taken a short cut behind the capitol.)
Grace was a great running partner until about the last mile or so, and then for some reason I have been unable to figure out she started lagging behind. Since her leash is attached to my waist, and she weighs 60 lbs, that's a problem.
I don't know why she does it, I mean she's a DOG! Dogs are supposed to be able to run all day! Plus I just can't accept that she gets too tired to continue when we only ran 5 miles.

but we did run 5 miles with an average pace of 8:10! That might be slow to some of you, but for me? It's a little awesome. Up until I started running with this group I was averaging 10 minute miles, and figured that was just as fast as my stumpy little legs cared to go.
Turns out...not so much!

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