Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Last night with Club Oly I did some speed work. Wade and I decided to do a 3 mile Tempo Run with an average speed of 7:30 per minute. Wade also challenged me to we know how that went :)

I was actually really pleased with myself during the run. My breathing was even, my stride felt good. The weather was great for running, which always makes everything better :)

While we were running I tried to really keep my pace even for two reasons.

1. So that I can learn what it feels like to run at certain paces.
2. So that I would have a little juice left to toast Wade. :)

See Dad I do listen to you! I kept a nice steady pace and towards the end was watching Wade in my peripheral vision. I could see his arms pumping and was trying to keep that sight just at the edge so that when I pulled away I wouldn't have to sprint for very long :)

Strategy, Strategy!

Unfortunately I had marked the wrong light pole as the finish line :)
I know, right?!
So I had only just put on the speed when we passed it- I technically did still beat him though. It was by just two feet though and I was going to try something a bit better than that.

Winning any type of race has so little to do with innate ability and has so much to do with planning and knowing when to make your move. :)

Wade and I completed our Tempo with an average pace of 7:36 per mile and I felt great! I probably could have done the fourth mile we were throwing around before we started.

And that feels great.

(That feeling almost carried me though going home and putting in Plyometrics p90X DVD- I was so winded by the end of that workout- and only had the knowledge that I sitll had Ab RipperX to still do)



Matthew said...

Who is Wade?

Terra said...

Wade is a runner from Olympia Runners who is also a member of Club Oly