Sunday, June 20, 2010

My not so long run

(This is one of the photos from Sound to Narrows 12K)

Late Friday or early Saturday I checked the Olympia Runners website to see what mileage Wade and I were running.

To my surprise there wasn't a meetup listed so I made my own listing :)

Of course that was before the sky opened up and it down pored all night. I kept waking up and hearing the rain...and dreading running in the rain.
Unfortunately I had posted a meetup!


Miraculously it stopped raining 30 minutes before the time listed on the meet up! I drug myself out of bed and threw on my running clothes, snapped Grace's leash on and out the door.

It took for ever for my Garmin to locate satellites so I had time to rationalise my mileage down from 7 to 5 :) I was running a bit late and I have a standing apt with my brother at 11am so I didn't have time to run those extra 2 miles.

I also found out that I'm kind of boring. I've gotten a bit spoiled with all these group runs and haven't had to run alone for a couple of months so I haven't had to entertain myself. I might want to make sure to do some long runs alone so that race day I'm not struggling mentally by not having friends around.

Have you ever been running and you start feeling a little panicky about how much farther you have to go? Then you look down at your awesome Garmin and realised that you've been running WAY to fast? :)

Yeah, it happened:)
I averaged a 8:37 for 5:16 miles.


Matthew said...

I wonder how the bear is going to reduce our speeds... Do you think 5 miles at 8.3 translates into <10 for the bear?

I'm starting to get nervous that my lack of running more than 3 miles at a stretch is going to train me to run out of gas for the bear. Maybe I should do 5 miles this week and see what pace I can sustain. I think I can do 7:30 for 3 miles, but that doesn't help too much on a 5 mile race =) I've been telling myself I'll just slow up for the bear, but you know how us and slowing up get along ;)

Terra said...

The tough thing about the Bear is that the first two miles are pretty reasonable. But then you start the switch backs and have t d the run/walk thing.

I think I'm going to try running around an 8 for the start and buy some time for the uphills-