Monday, June 21, 2010

And so it begins!

According to the little worksheet that Club Oly sent out via email, today was the first day of marathon training.


So I went out and ran 5.11 miles in 40:55. Which works out to an average pace of 8:03per mile! After so many years of thinking I was a slow "runner" seeing these numbers are quite a thrill :)

I also found out that I can no longer listen to music while I run.


I had just passed the half way mark and I felt like my legs were full of lead and it felt like I was putting out the amount of effort it takes to run a 7:30 mile...but I wasn't. I felt like I was dying but I was struggling at a 8:40 mile.

After about half a mile of this I decided to take out my ear phones and try running without music. I figured that if the right music can increase your pace the wrong music can slow you down.

It was the right decision. After unplugging, my pace jumped by a minute and my legs sprouted wings! Instead of struggling t keep my pace up, I was having to watch that I didn't go too fast.

I'm a little sad about losing the music though...that play list was like an old friend that I had spent a LOT of time with.

(But I like the better times even more) =)

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