Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tempo Run

On Tuesday I had a bunch of errands to run and I wasn't sure I would be able to go back to the apt to change for Club Oly's Tuesday run, so I grabbed my running gear and headed out the door.

Soon after I realised that I had forgotten to bring my running shoes.
No problem- I called Jason and asked him to bring them to me since I didn't have time to pick them up myself.

I had about 10 minutes to kill which suddenly turned into my running late and getting stuck at a red light for (no joke) 5 minutes watching the light skip my rotation...twice.

As I was rushing to South Sound I realised that I had grabbed my running shirt, under clothes, and socks but had managed to NOT bring a par of shorts.

I was wearing yoga pants.

At first I just thought " fine, I guess I'll be running in these. This will suck, it's kind of hot and humid today". I quickly changed my mind and just decided to buy something.

I bought myself a cute pair of running skorts :)
I figured I already had running shorts s if I had to buy them I would buy something cute that I didnt' already own.
As we headed out for our Tempo Run, Wade challenged me to a re-match from our light hearted competition last week where I squeaked in a win.
I took the challenge despite Jason cheering Wade on to "teach her a lesson" and to "take her down a notch". Apparently winning isn't very good for my character as I tend to gloat :)

First off it was pretty hot, and the humidity hit me SO hard! We were running a 3 mile Tempo and I had to stop just after the half way mark and run water over my head because I felt like I was over heating!

Despite my strategies Wade completely kick my tush! We stayed even for most of the run but in the last half mile he pulled out a 7 minute mile and crushed me :)

I guess that's what I get for gloating so much last week :)
We did 3 Miles with an average of 7:30 a mile.


Jason Heilpern said...

Hey look Terra I am commenting on your blog. Do you see I am commenting? This better matter because if I hear you say "Yeah but your comments dont count" I will simply go crazy :) 143

Matthew said...

Hmmm, perhaps I shall have to destroy this "Wade" of which you speak.