Thursday, June 24, 2010


After spending ALL DAY at the airport in or an airplane yesterday I didn't get my run in.
I just thought going out for a run at 1am was a bit extreme...I don't know why.
But that meant that when I finally arrived in Michigan I really felt the pressure to get a run in. I just kept thinking that I hadn't missed one day of my marathon training for SLC and now I already missed a day in the first week!

After three hours of sleep my brain wasn't working on full thrusters.

But I went through the days schedule and realised that with all the wedding stuff if I wanted to get a run in I would have to do it right 3 in the afternoon. Here in Michigan the sun does shine, and it shines at 81 degrees! When I started out I thought "this isn't so hot", but by the time I got halfway through the course I was thinking "my eyes are so hot they're burning!" I kept pouring water on my hands to help cool myself down until I got back.
I ran 3.97 miles in 32:43 in 81 degree weather on a route that had almost NO shade.
It was "icky" and tomorrow I will be sure to not repeat that experience :)
In other news I looked super cute in my new skort! My black one...with my black Club Oly shirt...Isn't black supposed to absorbe heat?


Matthew said...

Is your garmin waterproof?

Terra said...

I just splash water on the palms of my hands so it doesn't get the Garmin wet. I'm not sure if the wrist unit is waterproof or resistant.

I should check.