Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Trying to run while visiting family...

I hadn't thought I would have such a hard time running in the humidity. After all I grew up in the south, where you can practically swim through the air!

It turns out that I got used to the nice temperate running weather that is provided by the state of Washington.

After the roasting I put myself through on Thursday I made sure I didn't go running until about 7pm when it got MUCH cooler. It also helped that the humidity went down.

I ran 5 miles on Friday, didn't get my run in on Saturday.

I had to skip my long run run due to the fact that my cousin was getting married at 11am. I thought about just getting up early and getting it in, but I just didn't feel that using that time by running (no matter how I found it) would be the best choice for the scheduled events of the day.

I did get a 7 mile run in on Monday that was enjoyable. Even though I had to skip going to the lake and water skiing to get it in. (dang it!)
I averaged an 8:34 mile for the 7 mile run- which I'm pretty happy about.

On a side note I have started reading "Boston- how to qualify" written by Jeff Galloway. I'll let you know what I think of it.

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Matthew said...

Don't forget the altitude related oxygen shifts.