Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The Bear is comming!

I just wrote a whole post and this site just lost it.

So here is the Cliff Notes version.

I'm up in Boone, NC right now because my brother and his family are in town from Beruit Lebanon and we are going to all run a race called The Bear. It's 5 miles up Grandfather Mt. and opens the highland games which makes it a perfect opportunity to wear my Sutherland tartan while I run. My father looked up our geneology and picked out the tartan he thought was the prettiest and bought a kilt for him and my neice isbabella and sashes for the rest of us.

The crowd at the Highland game field goes wild when they see my Dad running with my 7year old neice while wearing matching kilts.

It's adorable.

And here is a photo of Isabella, me and my sister (her mother) Megan.

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