Friday, July 09, 2010

The Bear!

Yesterday we all loaded up the cars and headed off to Grandfather Mt. to run a 5 miles race called The Bear.

Then we hit bumper to bumper traffic.

The thing to living in the Boone area is that there is often only one way to any location. If there is an alternate way, it's not ussually accessed by the road you're currently on.

We were only nervous because they close the road to get the finish line at a certain time and if you're late, you're out of luck. Megan and Josh wanted to take the kids to the top so they could cheer us on. It might have also had something to do with the fact that they wanted to cheer their little nugget of cuteness on as well.

Matt wanted to finish in the top 10% in order to get a mug which would have left us with a finish time around 45 minutes. Normally this would not be an issue, but the thing about The Bear is that it's up a mountain. The last 2 miles are at a 10% grade- instead of whatever the first 3 miles are- they're uphill anyway.

Because the race opens the Highland Games, my Dad wears his Sutherland kilt, and my neice wears her matching kilt. Dad even bought the rest of us girls a tartan sash and a celtic brooch which I wear while running the race.

When we started the race I thought the temprature was actually really nice. After I started the race (like within the first half mile) I thought I was going to pass out I was so hot. I was wearing my awesomely cute Skort and my Club Oly t-shirt as well as my WOOL tartan sash. I would like to point out that I was wearing all this in the North Carolina humidity...P.S it rained later than night.

Unfortunatly it would seem that my need to look cute and get cheers from the drunken pretend Scotts in the game field.
So I kept my shirt and sash on until about three steps out of the field.
And, yes I did get cheers and it might have still been worth it.
And, yes I over heated.
But the good news is that I finally finished this race in under and hour!
my finish time was 55:47. I forgot to turn off my watch but I did glance at the timer as I crossed the fish line. The last time I ran this race I finished in 1:03:47, so there was a significant improvement.

And, yes I got beat by that 10 year old in the photo.
Dang it.

My brother finished in 49:40


Melissa said...

A) Why aren't you running in the picture?

B) Did Matt get his mug?

Melissa said...

Oh yeah, C) CONGRATULATIONS on your AWESOME time improvement! :)

Terra said...

I wasn't running in that photo because that hill is at a 10% grade adn I ran for 4.75 miles already :) Plus I figured the photos would be taken closer to the finish line. Unfortunately I didn't figure on Josh using the zoom lense quite so early! All the other photos he took were out of focus so I had to crop that one to make me a bit bigger in the photo.

And thanks! I was pretty happy about the time improvement- particulary since I felt HORRIBLE for most of the race. I couldn't believe I was going to finish in under an hour.