Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A non title

I have had a really hard time working on my marathon training while on this trip to visit family.
In Michigan it was hard beccause I wasn't familar with the area and it was so blasted HOT! It was also hard due to the fact that non of my family members run at my current level. My Aunt jogs using the "Chi Running" Method and averages an 11:00 mile. My Dad hasn't been running outside in months and wasn't really up to run while we were there. None of my cousins run.

I also had to give up time visiting with my cousins in order to fit in my run. Which sucked. Now that we are all older we only see each other at weddings and funerals.

When I got to NC I thought it would be easier to stick with my program but it was actually harder. My parents live on the top of a Mt. and running downs hills that steep is hard as well as running back up!
I also had limited use of a car which I would need to get to the Greenway to run. A draw back of the Greenway is that it's only 4.5 miles total. I don't like running laps- it's boring, and I lose count.

I also have the same problem as I had in Michigan- no one to run with. Dad ran with me a couple of times but he's been having trouble with his asthma and he injured his knee several weeks ago and it still bothers him. Megan...she didn't like the idea of being slower than I currently am, and she hates the idea that she isn't in as good of shape as she has been in the past. Plus the whole child care issue. So that ment that if I went running it would be at the expense of time with my family.
I"m sad that everyone is going their ways this week, but kind of relieved that I can get back to my regular schedule. Where I have my training group and a 20 mile green way half a block away from my apt.


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