Thursday, July 15, 2010

I got my run in!

I was at my in-laws on Wednesday evening and decided to get my scheduled run in ( 5 miles). Unlike Boone, Huntersville is nice and flat with running routes that are easily accessed!

So I put on my running gear and strapped on my Garmin and grabbed a bottle of water and headed out the door.

Ick. It was REALLY humid!

I felt like I was sufficating under the weight of the air around me.
I don't usually watch my GPS, constantly checking to see how far I've run and how far I still have to go, but that day...?

I know that Megan won't believe me but at one point I had to stop and tie my shoe. I really did!!
When I stopped for those few seconds it felt like I had stepped into a sauna. I was SO hot without the small breeze running created.

I maintained an 8:30 minute average over a 5 mile distance while enduring temperatures averaging 80 degrees with a average humidity of 81%.
After I finished I was walking to cool down and I got goose bumps on my scalps which make me think I was getting over heated.
I drank the entire 16oz bottle of water and wanted more. I was sweating so hard it was getting in my eyes AFTER I stopped running.

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