Monday, August 16, 2010

Magic Mile Night!

My cousin bought me "How to Qualify for Boston" by Jeff Galloway back in late June.

After getting to NC my dad and I went to the local Greenway and measured our Magic Mile. Unfortunately my Garmin ran out of batteries and I didn't get an accurate time. Dad had an asthma attack and so didn't get an accurate time either. The next week Dad and I went back and tried it again and my time was 7:00 minutes flat. Unfortunately I had a brain fart and forgot to time my father so we "guesstimated" how long it took...which is kind of not the point.

Dad has since measured his Magic Mile (which I don't remember because I'm self involved) and has shown he's "still got it".

He also reminded me last week I needed to re-measure my mile, which I promptly forgot to do. Knowing this he called to remind me today which was a good thing because my training makes it hard to do a magic mile on a different day than Monday.

It was getting dark (it's been really hot lately so I was futility waiting for the temperature to drop) so I rushed over to the Western Chahalis Trail in order to measure my mile.

I knew I needed to get this done because Dad said he would call me tomorrow and find out my time. I feel stupid telling him that I haven't done it because I forgot, so I was going to do it even it it was pitch black!

I was a little nervous trying to do the mile with Grace because as a dog she lacks the sense of purpose that the Magic Mile requires. She actually did really well and didn't have to stop and pee or sniff or just stop and walk or anything.

I am moderately happy to announce that my current Magic Mile is 6:48...which is decent. By the completion of my training I need to be able to run a mile in 6:30 for Mr. Galloway to feel that I have a reasonable chance of meeting my goal of finishing the Marathon in 3:40:59.


Matthew said...

Is a magic mile basically a sprint timed test?

Terra said...

You're not really supposed to be sprinting just running fast. A bit fast than race pace.