Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Apparently now that I'm old I can't just start running without first stretching my creaky old limbs.

I found this out the hard way. My knee hurts.


A week ago I ran my long run faster than I was supposed to and kind of irritated my IT band. I rested it all week (well I still ran but I kept them easy runs). Last night I was kind of strapped for time because I didn't want to run in the heat or in the dark so I started my magic mile without stretching.

Not the smartest move.

Now my IT band hurts and I feel cranky because I had to skip my speed workout and spend the day icing my knee.
I hate ice unless it's contained in my cup cooling my drink.
Why can't there be some magic wrap or cream or something that will make it better? it's a obnoxious naggy kind of injury where it hurts but usually not enough to really make in impossible to run- just a bad idea to run.

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Matthew said...

This is what comes of pushing yourself to hard when you should be adapting to injuries.

Embrace the wu wei of excercise! It is the one true way.