Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pretty good run

Tonight I headed over to Marathon Park to meet up with Club Oly for our Wensday run. Usually we do a 5 mile "easy" run using a route we refer to as "The Lake Run" which means we run from Marathon Park up to South Sound Running, and then we continue past the capital building and back around Capital Lake. It's a nice run with a gradual hill in the begining.

I was trying to make sure I didn't stress my IT band but still got an enjoyable run in. Which I did.

I even remembered to get there early so I could stretch well before we started. I did forget to walk Grace around before we started to take care of "personal" issues so that she didn't jerk to a top while I'm running. I don't like it and I think it puts unnessecary stress on my fragil little IT bands.

Thanks to my friend Wade I managed to find a nice relaxed pace so that I didn't try and catch up to the runners in front.

It might come as a shock to people like Dad and Megan but I like to run in front :)

I really enjoyed my run tonight and I think my knee did really well. I stretched it out when I finished and I'm icing it right now in order to really "fix" the goodness in.

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