Sunday, August 22, 2010

18 Mile long run

This past Saturday I managed to goad our friend Jacob into joining me on my 18 mile long run. He hadn't run more than 4 miles in the past 5 months before Sat. It really helped me having someone to run with who kept me on pace. The past couple of weeks I've run faster than my target pace and the last long run kind of aggrivated my IT band. I've been working on loging my milage while letting my poor little knee get better which means managing my output.

I completed my 18 miles with an overall average of 9:17 per mile

At each water station instead of just filling up my bottle and running on, I actually stopped and stretched out my IT band which really helped it not get all tight and painful on me. At the 9 mile mark I drank a bottle of 5 hour energy, using this run as a test to see how it would affect my tummy.

The last thing you want is nausea in the middle of a marathon. I don't know if it acutally made a difference in my energy level but I didn't get nauseas off it either so I'll continue thinking about using one on race day.

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