Monday, October 25, 2010

Hill work in the rain...

I live in the Seattle area of Washington state, which means I can look forward to a good 9 months of rain per year.
Tonight was no exception.

Mondays I go running with my friend Karen who leads a meetup group for beginning joggers/walkers. She has a nasty cold, so she let me know she wasn't going to be there tonight, but when I checked the web site it said that there were supposed to be three new comers. Even though it was raining and cold, I hauled my sorry toosh out there (Grace was so excited, she had been waiting for me to do something interesting all day).

No one was there. Ok, so I was also 5 minutes late and the weather was gross so I wasn't really expecting anyone to be waiting around in the dark, wet and cold night, but still.

I actually saw a girl run by that kinda looked like the profile photo of one the newbies so I ran until I caught up with her and asked her what her name was (weird? yeah a bit). It wasn't her.

I finished my loop around the lake and then headed over to the one hill that I know of that is long enough and steep enough to give me a good "hill work out" and started running.

I ran UP the hill...then I ran DOWN the hill...Ran UP the hill ( a bit slower)...and ran DOWN the hill...and repeated that three more times.

despite the cold I was sweating and panting by the end of running up and down the hill twice. I really wanted to just go home- it really was cold, but I had promised my little inner sadist that I would run up and down four times total.

So I did.

Grace kept looking up at me on the last UP I did...I don't know why, maybe she was wondering WHAT WAS I THINKING! But since she can't talk we will never know.

Then I came home and did P90X Ab RipperX while the bird, the cat, and the dog all stared at me with concerned looks on their faces.
I hate it when they do that. It makes me feel stupid.


Matthew said...

Clearly, you did it to amuse me, which was a very successful endeavor. =)

I did intervals this week, which were also miserable, but effective.

Why was it dark?

Terra said...

Because I live in a place that insists on raining 9 month sof hte year and starts getting dark by 5:30pm...until next week when day light savings starts and it will start getting dark at 4:30pm