Sunday, May 29, 2011

10 miles that never ended

I met up with my friends Amy and Heather for a nice 15 mile run on Saturday morning.

It wasn't raining, the sun was out just enough to make it pleasant to run under while not being overly hot.

And I totally wasted it!

I've been doing the p90x workouts in addition to my regular running schedule, which consists of Monday speed around 5 miles at 7:30 pace. Wednesday 5 miles at an 8ish pace, and my Saturday long runs with Amy and Heather, which vary in distance.

I didn't think it was all that difficult and didn't anticipate feeling like trash on Saturday.

I had done P90x the prior week and gone on a 9.5 mile run with Amy and Heather and not drug them down...I think it might have something to with the fact that I hadn't done the Legs and Shoulders workout the night before...maybe...

I HAD done the Legs and Shoulders the night before attempting to 15 miles at a pace of 8:34 a mile...which doesn't seem to work if you were still wondering.

I felt sick from the start and by butt muscles were SO tired on every hill...

Amy and Heather were very nice about it, but we ended up cutting our 15 mile run short by 5 miles...SLOW miles.

Because as Amy pointed out- "your not going to make it"...So sad, but true.
We;ll I could have made it...eventually...hours later...

I went home and took a nap that resulted in an awful dream with my three middle toes being all bruised, rotted, red and nasty. REALLY restful, I'll tell you.


Matthew said...

I have had to cut out naps because it derails my sleep later on. I just use it as a lesson not to stay up so late.

Amy N. said...

Wow, I was a little blunt wasn't I. Sorry. I'm sorry the run was so rough for you and you haven't been sleeping well! The nice thing about runs is that there are always more of them!