Thursday, May 26, 2011

Killer Baby Ducks

The weather was absolutely perfect on Tuesday...which was great because I was planning on doing some light trail running in a new location.

I knew Jason would have the car so I figured I could just bike the 5ish miles- No Problem!

Problem...No bike lock...anywhere.

So I had to take the bus. I say "have to" because it was actually 7 miles to where I wanted to meet some friends and while I don't have a problem running 7 miles, then 3 + miles I would have to run BACK.

Also, by the time I realized that the bike lock was nowhere to be found it was too late to run 7 miles and get there on time.

So the Bus...which I actually don't' mind. I like being the passenger, it frees me from my road rage that drivers out here don't look where they're going and poo-dunk along at 10 miles under the speed limit. I can't count the number of cars that have almost changed lanes right into my car because (I can only assume) they don't grasp that my mass and their mass can't exist in the same spot at the same time.

So yeah, I don't mind someone else driving.

St. Martins Trail was beautiful! We ran under the trees, along the edges of fields, and around a beautiful lake...with baby ducks:) Unfortunately it was SO pretty and the ducks were SO cute that Sandra didn't see the buried sprinkler and ate dirt with her face.

Campus security was nice and speedy (luckily one of us had their phone on them while running) and patched her up. It cut our run short but I think we'll all go out there again. but NO duck watching!

Then I went home and did P90x Plyometrics.

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