Saturday, May 21, 2011

Running how I adore you...but still kind of hate you

My friends Amy and Heather are training for the Rock 'N Roll Seattle Half Marathon on June 25th. Amy WAS going to do the Full but then she got picked in the lottery for the St. George Marathon (Me too!) so she decided to drop down to the half distance so she could focus on training for St. George and giving a Boston Qualifying effort.

It's nice to have people to run with that are at the same pace as me- plus they have the mileage base for long runs. I don't actually have anything on the horizon other than St. George that I NEED long runs for, but I like them anyway.

Getting up at 6:30am I DON'T like. So I didn't. Then I was kind of rushed and Grace ran off and I was late getting to Amy's house.

And it wasn't sunny like we thought it would be. But it WASN'T raining so score!

Their training called for a 10 mile long run at a 8:24 pace. We ended up a bit short on distance and time (Heather and I had to be done by 9am) but we logged 9.44 miles at a 8:26 pace which was pretty nice if I say so myself.

There were a few places that mentally it just seemed like we had FOREVER to run so it was really nice to be running with others.
(I think Heather thinks Amy and I are wuss's because she's just cruising along and we keep talking about how "this" run feels harder)
Heather started running in December. It's not fair she's so fast.


Amy N. said...

It is so much more fun to run with friends! I'm glad that we're both in St. George and shooting for the same goal, it will make training so much more bearable!

Heather is tougher than us hands down. However, if you become a joggler then you have both of us beat.

Matthew said...

I am still amazed by your distance running capabilities.