Monday, May 02, 2011

Saturday and the resulting long run...

What better way to spend a Saturday morning then rolling out of bed at 7am so that you can put on running clothes you're starting to loath the sight of?
oh, and I forgot, after you manage to blearily drive to meet your friends you can look forward to a 12 mile run!

Awesome right?!

Some days, it's actually not that bad, but Saturday wasn't a "some days" day. It was a cold overcast day marked by an irritated hip flexor and a dog who thought this was THE BEST DAY EVER!

My run actually started out pretty well. I met my friends Amy and Heather, stretched my gimpy little muscles out and off we went! I were running relaxed and at a nice speed.

Then the need for a bathroom break hit...and I ignored it long enough to pass all the bathrooms. Not good news.

We did manage to find a really nice park bathroom (marked by clean floors, toilet paper and soap) at about the 6 mile mark which made Amy and I happy.
That was the turning point in our run though.
My head just didn't get back in the game and we were running slow-(ish) at a 8:57 overall average.

even though this is the speed we are actually supposed to be running at after such a great runs the last week it still stung a little to go slow.

Due to lack of motivation and time we decided to scrap the extra 5 miles we were going to run for Amy's scheduled long run and call it a day.
which was great news for me because I was due at my running group to lead people on a 4 mile run.

All said and done I ran 16 miles on Saturday. while I was talking and stretching my foot hurt so I took my shoe off and discovered this:

yeah...those dark spots? It's blood.


Bonnie said...

Exactly what flavor of crazy are you?! What ever it is, I know it is served with a double helping of NUTS!

Amy N. said...

The run turned around for me coming down that steep downhill, that's where my sideache started.

No fun about the bloody toes! Crazy girl!

Terra said...

I think as steep as it was I would have rather run UP the hill:) It was just NOT fun to "run" down. It felt more like just trying not to hurtle downwards on our faces.

Matthew said...

Was it only on one foot, or both?

neha shandalya said...

terra! you're crazy to the T