Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Speed Work Monday

On Monday's I run with Club Oly Running and we do speed drills as well as various other excersizes designed to make us faster.

When I first joined I avoided Speed night because I was intimidated and kind of figured I wasn't fast enough to need speed work anyway.

Right now I've got a bet going with Wade that I'll beat him in the Capital City 1/2 Marathon on May 15th. He wants to run it in 1:45 which means running 13.1 miles with an average pace of 8 minutes a mile...which is pretty fast.

Wade and I have been running together since I moved to Olympia and we're pretty well matched. I think it will really come down to who has a good day running...so no pressure.

Tonight we ran a 3 mile Tempo run and while my Garmin ran out of batteries before we even got down to the park my friend Amy brought hers. Unfortunately she didn't realize until after we ran 1 mile into the Tempo she realized that she forgot to turn on the timer:)

Based on the "real time" pacing the Garmin offers wether or not the timer is on so we know that we ran our Tempo with an average of 7:20 a mile, which is exactly what we wanted to do!

To be honest Amy could have beaten Wade (who ran a 7:10) if she had been more familar with the route and known where she was going she would have blasted him!


Amy N. said...

Wahoo a new blog post!

I like to think I would have beaten him, but it's hard to say. Thanks for the vote of confidence though!

What's with all our garmin stupidity lately? Between the two of us we are pretty pathetic!

Terra said...

I know right? that reminds me- I need to plug mine in:) I think my brother is starting to think I'm not really running and just telling him stories about how awesome we are.

Matthew said...

Your running numbers are starting to become frightening.