Friday, June 10, 2011

Two loves...

I love running, I really do.

I also love to Geocach! So what better idea than to merge these two loves into one event?

I want to organize a Geocach Run, and the way to do it I think, is to designate an area with a bunch of geocaches in it, a start time and a finish time and whoever finds the largest number of geocaches wins!

It'll be fun because I like geocaching but also because you'll have to balance which caches you go after due to diestance but also dificulty. Some I have walked up to and found right away, others take me 30 minutes or longer and SOME have taken be up to 3 trips to find. SO this run won't even depend on how fast you can run- it will really depend on how well you manage your TIME.

Fun FUN!

Oh, and I'm running in Sound to Narrows tomorrow. Heathers friend got pregnant and gave me her bib number! Free race! SQUEE:) Yay, for not being pregnant!

(Seriously though, I got to run Ragnar Northwestern Passage because I wasn't preggers, as well as Hood to Coast becuase one of the original team members got pregnant)

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Photina said...

I miss geocaching. I really should get back into it. That sounds like a great idea to do a Geocache Run.