Thursday, June 09, 2011

I broke her...

Last Saturday it was a bit hot- something around the upper 70's?

So what better idea than to go running! and not just a little jaunt either- 10 miles of running.

Now normally 10 miles is easy peasy...but as you know I've been having a little "trouble" with my running which means I've been running SUPER slow and dragging the team down:)

Anywho... last Saturday was hot and I went running anyway.

It was Me, Grace, Amy, Heather, and Jordan running along minding our own business...Grace was kind of dragging and I was kind of dragging, I figured she was hot and thirsty so we stopped for her to have a drink- which she refused.


We also hosed her down at Amy's In-laws, but it didn't really help.
By mile 8 I was yelling at her in my head.
My mile 9 I was full on towing her behind me...all 60+ pounds.

I thought she was just being a pill but it turns out her little paws were all sore from running on hot concrete.

Yes, I'm an awful person. I yelled in my head at a dog who was struggling to keep up because her feet hurt really badly.


Matthew said...

Keeping in mind that you are the animal expert, I really think this dog is being pushed too hard.

Terra said...

The thing is, is she has run 20 miles with Amy and I with no problem! I really think that the hot asphalt is what got her that day. She's on home rest right now, then I'll have to watch her mileage while her pads are built back up again. When we run this summer I'll have to be sure I pick shaded routes as well.